Overwhelming Week at ASCO…but McKinsey’s Report on Exchanges Worth Review

D2 was in force at ASCO the last few days and buried in an avalanche of oncology news lots of news on favorable and unfavorable drug trials information from American Society of Clinical Oncology congress this week McKinsey & Co. released a report citing a shocking 30% of employers may cease offering health insurance  coverage to their staff once the exchanges are in place in 2014.  This means big changes in managed care teams and contracting for manufacturers and commercial payers.  D2’s own MCO field team is meeting now with payers across the nation as we launch programs for our clients and will keep you abreast of changes uncovered. Read more on the report here: How US health care reform will affect employee benefits.

Our D2 Managed Care Team provides national account coverage with payers on behalf of our clients http://www.d2rx.com/managecare.html , with our teams we focus on drug coverage on both the "medical/buy and bill" and the drug benefit.

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